Success Stories

Jason put me on the road to recovery

About a year ago, I was just out of a wheelchair with a new prosthetic leg. I had lost 45 pounds following a horrific accident and four months in the hospital. I was very weak, skin and bones really. All my muscles had atrophied.

Today I am slowly but surely on the road to recovery, thanks in no small part to Jason Joyce.

Jason has been my personal trainer these many months, coordinating with my physical therapist and prosthetist. Jason has set me on a regular program of targeted redevelopment of my entire body. My weight is back to normal and my muscle tone is fast recovering. I am much more independent and able to do most daily living tasks without major assistance. Jason is a dedicated, skillful professional who really cares about his clients.

I recommend his personal training services without reservation.

- Jeff S.

Impressive response time and thoughtfulness

Jason came out of the gate with impressive response time and thoughtfulness. He not only listen to what my goals were but actually showed active understanding in what he built as our course of action. He was able to also show a high level of understanding body physics but also able to explain it in a way I could grasp the concepts.

We are still working together and have realistic timeline and plan in place. He is also very understanding in location and follow up sessions.

If he were part of a larger company I would stress he needs to be promoted ahead of peers. He easily brings more value than his sessions cost. I easily recommend at least a few personal tune-up sessions with him if not a long term arrangement.

- Marco B., United States Army

Life changing

I want to share what you helped inspired me to do...I'm down to 233 (at least 30lbs off my high), I did 1200 push ups in April. I've been doing some workouts and working in all the things you taught me. I've found life again.

- Rick Bates, CEO of RxSense and SingleCare

Tailored a program that suited me

Working with Jason really made me feel comfortable. He listened to what my goals were and what my workout style was and he really tailored a program that suited me!

- John C.

I feel I am working with a combination of physical therapist and trainer

Jason is so knowledgeable that I feel I am working with a combination of physical therapist and trainer. He was able to accurately assess imbalances in my body and then begin to address them. I have quickly seen results that I am confident will lead to better posture, flexibility and strength.

- Guillermo S.

Bye-bye elbow pain

Jason was able to help me with a problem the doctor said I needed to "live with." It was demoralizing and now I'm optimistic.

- Rachel B.

My highest recommendation, without reservation

Jason Joyce worked as my personal trainer for about two months during the summer of 2016 when I was visiting Boston. He was a joy to train with.

He began by interviewing me to learn about my goals for training as well as my relevant healthy history. Afterwards, Jason designed a program based specifically on my needs.

It worked well, helping me to improve my fitness level as well as enabling me, based on my frequent travel plans, to continue training on my own. In order to achieve this last part, Jason prepared a number of short instruction videos that illustrated very well many of the techniques he introduced me to during our personal sessions.

Jason was always prompts, willing, friendly and gracious. Whenever I asked for any clarifications or modifications related to the exercises, he was very helpful.

I give Jason my highest recommendation, without reservation.

- Eytan F.

Impact for life

Jason does not just work out with you, he also educates you... I definitely feel like I'm learning things from Jason that can have an impact for the rest of my life.

- Hassan A.

Very pleased!

First session complete and I'm very pleased! I felt like Jason listened to what I want from my training sessions and delivered. Looking forward to getting back in shape!

- Josephine C.

Highly methodical and scientific

Having worked with five different trainers over 4 years, I can honestly say that Jason is #1. I originally started working with Jason in 2017 as an Elite Trainer at Boston Sports Clubs, and had incredible results. Unfortunately, in 2018, I moved away to Florida and lost all the results despite working with four other trainers! During the pandemic, still living in Florida, Jason and I started working remotely and it has been a terrific. It is basically the same results for me as working in person. What's great about Jason is his highly methodical and scientific approach including Function Movement Screening, which helps calibrate specific areas for the fastest improvement that will have the greatest benefit to strength, stability, mobility and balance! Super excited to continue working with Jason who is amazing to work with and he can connect with anyone to meet them at whatever level they are at. I can promise that you will be very impressed by his efficient process and results!

- Stephen S.

Jason worries so I don't have to

I don't need to worry about overworking a body part or deviating from the best way to rehab my injuries because Jason is thinking about my body more than I am!

- Mike B.

You'll certainly see results

Jason is an amazing trainer who truly cares about his clients. He'll figure out exactly what parts of your body or movement patterns need work and will design a highly specialized program just for you. And if you do the work, you'll certainly see results. He's also a genuinely kind and thoughtful person. Thanks Jason!

- Devin J.

No pain, but you still gain

With Jason, there's no pain, but you still you gain. I've been training with Jason for two years now. He's in touch on a daily basis through the app. It has been very good.

- Evan W.