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Services I Offer

One-on-one Zoom session
A live, one-on-one Zoom session where we'll discuss the results of your free assessment. You'll tell me about your pain points, goals, schedule, injuries, and preferences.
Progressive workouts
Progressive workouts that start where you're ready, optimized for quick results and long-term goals. They're completely customizable to fit your schedule and preferences.
Regular plan adjustments
Regular plan adjustments, so as you make progress and need to adjust goals, I'll update your workouts. Variety is key to success!
Daily communication
Daily communication on the TrainWithMe app. When you have questions, feedback, or just want to touch base, I'll be right there for you every day.
Pain relief
Pain relief. We all experience aches and pains (especially as we age!), but my expertise in Functional Movement Systems means I can provide routines to alleviate and eliminate pain so it won't interfere with your life or your fitness plan.
Priority response time
Priority response time. Whether you have a question, a special request, or something else, you'll get priority responses from me.
Goal-tracking data
Goal-tracking data, collected with ongoing assessments so we can measure and visibly track your progress over time.
BodyEvolver body composition tracking
BodyEvolver body composition tracking, so you can use real data (I'm talking numbers, charts, and graphs that go way beyond the scale) to measure progress over time.
Customized nutrition support
Customized nutrition support, since eating the right way is key to achieving your fitness goals.


I don't believe in one-size-fits-all personal training packages because no two people are exactly the same. My plans are customized to make sure you'll feel great about your results.

When we work together, we'll start with a free Zoom mobility, flexibility, stability and balance assessment.

Initial Mobility Assessment and Zoom Session

  • Free for new clients
  • Follow ups included in all plans to evaluate progress and adjust goals
Mobility assessment and Zoom session

Comprehensive Online Plans

  • An initial assessment to evaluate your mobility, flexibility, stability, and balance
  • Custom, progressive workouts designed to start at your level and work up to your goals, delivered on a schedule that works for you
  • Anywhere, anytime access via app or computer on the TrainWithMe platform
  • Daily communication to answer your questions and keep you on track
  • Regular plan adjustments, so you're always making improvements
  • BodyEvolver body composition tracking so you can measure success beyond the number on the scale
Comprehensive online plans

Hybrid Plans

  • You'll get the same services as my online plans, with in-person sessions added in as needed
  • For clients in the Boston area
Hybrid plans with in-person sessions

Optional Services

  • Pain Relief, for those who need extra programming to help relieve aches and pains. My advanced training in Functional Movement Systems helps me deliver plans that relieve pain in the same way a physical therapist might help you.
  • Customized nutrition support, including a custom macro plan designed to support your personal goals
Option services such as pain relief and nutrition support


• Comprehensive Online Plans start at $500/month
• Hybrid Plans start at $650/month
During your free Zoom assessment, we'll discuss your goals and evaluate your fitness needs.

I'll price your plan based on your budget and the time I'll spend working with you and your plan adjustments.

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